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We are a "one stop shop” catering for the manufacturing industry's ballscrew requirements. Whether you need a repair, replacement or upgrade for your current ballscrew or you are looking for ballscrews for a new application we have the experience, equipment and expertise necessary to help you

Below are some examples of recent work carried out by Ballscrew Services Ltd. which highlight the rapid response and level of service offered. We're here to help and whatever the problem

"We CAN solve your ballscrew problem”

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Case Studies
  • Aerospace - Critical Inoperable Machine Repair

    Ballscrew Services Ltd were recently called by a large UK aerospace component manufacturer about a Ballscrew of Japanese origin that was "scrap”. The customer had sent the product away for repair only to be told that it was scrap. No spare could be found and a manufactured replacement was quoted on a 12 week delivery. The Customer had a major problem with a critical machine being inoperable.
    Ballscrew Services assessed the "scrap” product before making recommendations to the Customer and commencing the repair of the product. The shaft was cleaned, polished and re-dressed before the bearing journals were chromed and re-ground. The ballnut was cleaned and new transfer tubes were manufactured before re-assembly of the unit.
    The repaired unit was supplied back to the Customer in 5 working days and the machine is now fully operational again.
  • Automotive - Rapid Ballscrew Repair

    A large UK based Japanese manufacturer of automotive components working 24/7 called Ballscrew Services after suffering a ballscrew failure on a special purpose machine. The Japanese manufactured ballscrew had a severely worn transfer system and the assembly was declared irreparable. The Customer tried to source a replacement from the OEM but were quoted 12 weeks delivery.

    The problem was given to BSL on a Friday afternoon who manufactured a total replacement unit using material from stock and machined to pattern by lunchtime the following day, Saturday. The customer was up and running with a new ballscrew assembly within 24 hours as opposed to 12 weeks quoted by the OEM.
  • Food Processing - Ballscrew Driven Actuator

    Ballscrew Services recently had a "cry for help” from a customer in the food processing industry at 8pm on Thursday. The ballscrew driven actuator unit was stripped and assessed overnight with problems identified as irreparable ballscrew and broken positioning carriage. During Friday a new replacement ballscrew and nut were taken from stock and machined to pattern and the positioning carriage was repaired before the actuator unit was re-assembled and tested.

    The unit was returned to the customer by courier on Saturday morning and successfully reassembled into the processing plant. - Total turnaround time from plant breakdown to restarting process of less than 40 hours.
  • Food Processing - Linear Actuator Repair

    Ballscrew Services were recently tasked with repairing two linear actuators by a UK food producer. The products were part of an automated food production line which after several years of continuous operation had ceased to work effectively thereby restricting production.
    The actuators were now obsolete and an expensive and time consuming re-engineered retrofit was considered by the customer.
    As an alternative the products were sent to Ballscrew Services to see if they could be refurbished cost effectively and in quick time. As spare parts were no longer available Ballscrew Services re-manufactured custom component parts in their machine shop before re-assembling with new ballscrews and bearings prior to testing the completed units.
    The finished product was in "as new” condition and the food production line was up and running at full production within a matter of days.
  • Power Generation - Re-engineer Additional Ballscrew

    A large north east based manufacturer of components for the power generation market had previously bought a new replacement ballscrew from Ballscrew Services for a horizontal boring machine. However, after 2 years they decided to spread the load and add a second ballnut on the same shaft. 

    Machine downtime was critical so the assembly was returned to Ballscrew Services who were able to re-engineer the ballscrew assembly and successfully manufacture and incorporate the second ballnut in a total turnaround time of 48 hours!
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